WestchesterEats LLC.

WestchesterEats is a mobile application that allows users to place orders and make reservations at restaurants in Westchester County, New York. WestchesterEats is specific to Westchester County, which allows the user to feel like they are gaining a more personal and connected experience. Using a complex algorithm, the app is able to recommend restaurants of the user’s liking based on prior orders. The customer can choose a restaurant by selecting a certain food genre or specific location. The user will also be able to view more information about each restaurant through a quick blurb, photo, contact info, or restaurant hours. In addition, local food related events can be seen on the app to further connect users on a more personal and lively basis.

Above are some screenshots of the user interface integrated in the app. The app includes creating a personalized sign in/account and a list of restaurants based on desired food choice.

WestchesterEats is available on the app store for IOS devices. The app was coded by our Chief Technology Officer, Will Cohen, in programming language Swift. 


  • Evan Miller – CEO/Chief Marketing Officer 
  • Will Cohen – CEO/Chief Technology Officer
  • Robert Waxman – CEO/Chief Sales Officer
  • Zach Tuzzo – CEO/Chief Financial Officer

A short video/commercial I created to emphasize the convenience of WestchesterEats.

Two short animations I created for our Instagram page.

H.C. Crittenden Presentation

After meeting with one of our tech teachers from the Middle School of the Byram Hills School District, we decided to present our latest project to inspire both the 7th and 8th graders! We felt as though it was important to show them how coding and business can come together to create an impact on the community. We presented a 20+ slideshow walking through our process of coding in swift language and the task of creating a sophisticated application. You can read more about the presentation on the Byram Hills school newspaper, The Oracle!

Aerial view of Main Street in Armonk, NY 

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