JelaPrint LLC.

JelaPrint LLC. is a company I founded with the intent of providing a simple and fun toy for all ages. In a world with constant activity and technological advancements, humans have a growing affinity to occupy their time. The lightweight, eye-catching, creative toy, generated by a 3D Printer, is a pocket sized boredom-eliminator that entertains children, teens, and adults.  

The Fidget spinners are specially designed to harness the fascinating gyroscopic action whilst spinning around ABEC9 ball bearings. As for the construction, we use PLA printer filament for a durable and lightweight structure. We offer many colors ranging from glow in the dark to bright orange; our latest creation, and most popular, are the mood and sun spinners which change color when exposed to the sun, UV light, or temperature shifts. Every one of the spinners is designed to spin freely and occupy the restless hands of people of all ages.