What is my role in BCD Property?

One of the main investments of BCD is real estate. While working for BCD in any capacity I can, I found myself working temporary construction jobs, requiring skilled work. One big job I was apart of was re-painting steel beams above a river on the Purchase College campus. I worked with a small team and a short turn around due date. Before and after pictures of the job is shown below. It was an arduous task, but a fulfilling one. 



Business Cards

For Main Street Self Storage, a property owned by BCD, I led the marketing campaign and team. I created the business cards, Facebook page, and commercials/flyers to market the storage facility in order to reach near full capacity and business.

One of the important aspects of marketing was generating the raw content for promotion. As a photographer and videographer, I was able to both take high quality photos and create high quality commercials as a method of content.