NYUnited Virtual Variety Show

June 2020 - February, 2021

Amidst a global pandemic and race riots around the country, two of my classmates (Zac Geinzer & Sasha Cohen) at NYU took action and envisioned a school wide entertainment virtual show displaying the various talents of the students attending the university. Not only would the show bring together an entire 40,000+ community of talented artists, but, in addition, raise money for students in need of COVID-19 relief. Finally, the show had to be done in early August 2020. An arduous task to say the least, but after Sasha and Zac’s endless hours of meetings with university administrators and interviewing those who would make a strong production team, the show became a possibility and quite a hit. 

As the Director of the show, my job was oriented around managing and guiding the artists visually and logistically. My job was to essentially put the show together and make it as engaging as possible. In doing this, the first step was to gain attraction during pre-production by creating various graphic designed pieces of content to post on social media. While this was happening, I was meeting with 50+ artists on Zoom calls everyday for a week to direct them on how they should film their performance. In such a short time frame, we were able to combine both live and pre-recorded/edited video to create a 2 hour show with sections that contained animation, comedy, short film, dance, and music. To maximize our engagement, I worked closely with the producers to add a unique house band and the NYU cheer team to tag along to each of the performances throughout the show! 

Quick Facts:

  • $3,775 Raised
  • 1,020 Emails Sent
  • 800 Hours of Zoom Calls
  • 100+ Talented Artists
  • Across 10 NYU Schools