What is Mobile Camp?

As summer 2020 approached, an unprecedented stream of anxious parents filled our town in Westchester, NY. Summer camps began closing and moms all over the town, without surprise, didn’t know what to do with their kids! My friend Robbie, both his sisters and I, decided to come up with the worry-free solution of hosting our own Quarantine camp in our camper’s own backyards! We designed multiple flyers and came up with a full business plan within a couple days. We immediately sent out the flyers and promoted the idea. Within hours we had multiple parents signed up with 20+ kids ready to go. We were already booked and had to start thinking of hiring counselors! Since Robbie and I were already working full time jobs at a Country Club, we decided to quit and pursue this full time instead!

Below are links to the camp pamphlet I created along with the Facebook page! Check it out to learn more!

Hiring Counselors

After the first week of creating the camp, we immediately began seeing results and parents extremely interested. Since we were only a group of 3 and could only take care of a limited amount of families before we were booked, we knew that bringing on new members to the team would be essential. However, it didn't bring much of a challenge. We had already heard of many other teenagers and young adults looking for work in childcare since camps were closed. All we had to do next was create a foundation and handbook for our counselors to maintain a high reputible business!