Friendless - Directed by Evan Miller

July, 2018

A short film about a boy in search of a connection but soon realizes his device, originally used for the purpose of finding a companion, was actually the one thing preventing him from doing so.

Limits Placed:

  • 5 Shot Maximum
  • 4 Hours of Shooting
  • 2-3 Minutes Total Length
  • 4 Hours of Editing
  • Located in Public Park
  • 4 Actors / Actresses
  • No Dialogue

General Information:

  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Theme: Human Connection / Relation
  • Directed by: Evan Miller
  • Camera by: Evan Miller
  • Edited by: Evan Miller
  • Music: Bensound, Incompetech

Code Red - Directed by Evan Miller

December, 2017

This is a short film I made in 24 hours at the New York Film Academy located in downtown NYC. During this holiday camp, we were assigned a short script (as seen in subtitles) and asked to create a story using the ambiguous lines of dialogue. As a small group of four, we came up with a story about two friends who desperately want a Red cinema camera. While walking down the street with a drawing of their desired item, they realize the best place to acquire such a costly camera would be at the NYFA! What better idea than to sneak into the private conservatory and try and find it?! Once they are close to the camera room, one of the girls forgets why they were actually sneaking into the conservatory in the first place, due to her short term memory loss (as interpreted by the script).  Watch the film above to see what happens next!