****3 Short Films Coming Soon:
Born Under Punches, Minetta Lane, POST
In Post Production, 2021****

Amidst the Daze - Directed by Dakota Ticheli

February, 2021

Password: amidst

Dogman - Directed by Spencer Hillman & Sam Spiders

January, 2021

Quarantine Film - Created by Evan Miller

May, 2020

Drid - Directed by Dakota Ticheli

February 21-23, 2020

Business School is a short story about four high school seniors who need to bring a laundry list of alcohol to gain entrance to the big party on Halloween night.

Specific Requirements given to our team (Dk flicks – 10 crew members):

  • Character – A Partner
  • Line of Dialogue – “Guess who”
  • Prop – A ball

My Roles in the Production:

  • Cinematographer
  • Assistant Director
  • Co-Writer
  • Editor
  • Deli Employee (Actor)
  • Set Designer

Drid was created for the NYU Tisch 48 Hour Film Competition. This competition was open to all students in Tisch from Freshmen to Seniors and took place from the moment faculty sent an email out on Friday @5pm to Sunday @5pm when it had to be submitted. It was an insanely fun, but ambitious short film to make for the time we had, but the energy was high and the crew was fantastic! Check out some BTS photos below!

Business School - Directed by Evan Miller

November 9-12, 2018

Business School was created for the 48 hour / 4 points global film contest. Over 100 teams around the world enter this festival–experience ranging from novice to expert–for the hopes of winning a trip to Cannes, France where their 4-7 minute film will be screened. 

Specific Requirements given to our team (Beast Films – 25 members):

  • Genre – Time Travel
  • Character – Lynda Lewen, Notary
  • Line of Dialogue – “Did I get a package in the mail today?”
  • Prop – Hamburger

Business School is a short story telling the tale of a woman notary attempting to eat her lunch in the office, but is cut short by her immature boss. Her tiresome and childish job has her imagine everyone around her as a part of a high school cafeteria scene. In her case, the line between her past and present is blurred as she finds herself desperate for a new job.

Business School: Awards

1st Place

Lower Hudson Valley Media Arts Show

Chester Award | 2nd Place

Future Filmmakers Film Festival at the Pelham Picture House by the Matthew S. Hisiger Foundation

Rose e Fama - Directed by Evan Miller

August, 2018

Roses and Fame is a short film that tries to present the struggle between living a life of fame and supporting a husband at old age. This is a narrative about Renata Scotto, a famous Italian Opera singer, also my grandma, who is asked to attend an important event in a small town on the coast of Liguria, Italy, but realizes the safety of her loved one is ultimately more important.

Sam's Bucket - Directed by Evan Miller

November 10-12, 2017

Sam’s Bucket was created for the 48 hour / 4 points global film contest. Over 100 teams around the world enter this festival–experience ranging from novice to expert–for the hopes of winning a trip to Cannes, France where their 4-7 minute film will be screened. 

Specific Requirements given to our team (Byram Beasts – 11 members):

  • Genre – Film Noir/Family Film
  • Character – Samuel Cobb, Statistician 
  • Line of Dialogue – “That’s the only option” / “That is the only option”
  • Prop – Bucket

Sam’s Bucket follows the story of a teenager named Samuel Cobb diagnosed with a severe disease requiring a multitude of medication on a daily basis. After using his superb math skills, he comes to realize the odds of how long he has left to live – 4 days. With only 4 things left on his bucket list, Sam decides to complete one a day. Throughout his 4 day journey of riding in a Mustang, performing a unique drum solo, and running around with a dog, he has finally found his joyful self. Exhausted by exercising with the dog, Sam unexpectedly walks right into his last task on the bucket list. To fall in love. Watch the film to see what happens next!  

Sam's Bucket: Awards

Exemplary Media Award

Lower Hudson Region NYSMATA Festival. This award was given to the top rated films submitted.

1st Place

This film was awarded first place in the Future Filmmakers Film Festival which took place in Pelham, Westchester, at the Picture House 2018.

Thumbs Up - Directed by Evan Miller

October, 2018

Thumbs Up was created for Chapman University’s Film School Application. It’s purpose is to visually present a decision made by a character in under 2 minutes without dialogue. Thumbs Up is about a loving mother who has decided to pick up the suffering hitchhiker despite her horrible past experiences with hitchhikers.

Is He Worth Saving? - Directed by Evan Miller & Ben Matza

October, 2017

This short film was made to inspire those middle class workers to get out and live the life they dream instead of being trapped in what may seem like a dark dungeon. 

In this short film, the son of a middle class worker has been given the keys and photo of remembrance to unlock his fathers freedom. After realizing the key could be used to unlock the mysterious dungeon-like cell in the local park, he tries it. Once he opens the door, blue smoke ignites an enigmatic fear inside him which cannot be explained. However, he must continue to see what lies ahead. With much surprise, his long lost father is working on his computer. The room lit by nothing except his computer screen. Yet, the boy knows what he must do. He gives his father the key and they both escape the mental work trap. 

As strange as this may be, it is more to represent the metaphoric theory than realistic/pragmatic story. 

The Assasin - Directed by Evan Miller & Justin Schmalholz

June, 2017

The Assasin was originally made for the film class I took my sophomore year. The goal was to use be able to use three match cuts throughout the film to enhance location transitions. 

The Assasin is about a senior game called “assasin”, hence the name. With a comedic humor to it, the viewers stay engaged throughout. It’s a classic chase scene made to look and sound as dramatic as possible.

The story is about a senior boy trying to teach his friend how to play the game after losing his original partner. Once they arrive at his target’s house, they try to hide as best as possible, but nonetheless, are seen. Chasing after one another throughout the yard, an inevitable head to head conflict arrives. What happens next? 

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