The Bobcat TV Media Club

As a member of the Bobcat TV Club at Byram Hills High School, I contribute to the visual media arts on a district wide basis. The goal of this club is to promote upcoming initiatives, student achievements, both academically and athletically, as well as to increase communications within the local community. 

Recycling Promo

February, 2019

February, 2018

Recycling Campaign

The goal recycling initiation is to promote and boost recycling throughout the entire district. To improve upon our history of recycling. To essentially decrease all the statistics shown in the video above. Ultimately, to save the world one bottle at a time. Since the formation of our Green Team at Byram Hills, we have been urging and marketing recycling to all. One of our marketing schemes was to create a humorous video primarily relating to the students of the high school in order to represent recycling as a fun action.