September, 2019

On September 16th, I was asked to shoot photography for Cygalle Dias’s company and spa treatment, Cygalle Healing & Beauty. Her new venture into the world of CBD and skin care required a revamping of her marketing and media schemes across the internet and top magazines. I brought my good friend Tony Wang, a photography major here at Tisch to help me with this shoot. After two trains and an hour long drive, we all met at Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY, where the Hemp crop is grown. We took a tour with Amy Hepworth around the 200+ acres of farm land they were constantly working on and growing. Our goal was to capture the allure of this hemp plant, while establishing a scene where there is little to no friction between human and nature. Our model, Zeng, was captured inside the plants, with the warm colors of flowers and nature all around her. The idea of becoming one with nature was a concept that we tried to portray in order to represent Cygalle Dias’s skin products as a natural, carefree, and organic cream. 

Here are some of the aesthetics and photos Tony and I created and edited to accomplish this theme of health and beauty:

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